Welcome to the virtual Gefechtsstand!

This Gefechtsstand (Eng. Command Post) is the place for everyone who is interested in Conflict Simulations, Strategy & Tactics, Scenario Design, Historical Articles, After Action Reports etc. In the upcoming weeks this blog (I hope!) will be a place were  Rookies, Veterans and Expert alike, or  those visitors who’re just curious about Conflict Simulations, will meet and share their ideas, passion about the hobby and basically – have a good time.

Please note, that any kind of slurs, offensive language, racists, sexist and other offensive remarks or posts  won’t be toleranted at all. I strongly advise you to read the disclaimer and ensure that you comply with the set rules.

If you are just here because you havent’t got your hormones under control and you’re trying to upset the Oberst – Well, you might be in for a big suprise…

Again, welcome to the Gefechtsstand and have a jolly good time!

P.S. In case I forgot to mention it – my ‘thoughts’ are revealed if you click on the tab ‘General’ – that’s the blogroll. 🙂