Still tweaking and updating

The already regular visitor of this new kid on the blog might have noticed some adjustments and additions to the layout. Under General you’ll find all the things, thoughts, paranoid outbursts, cusses against gamey opponents, etc. from the Oberst himself. I am still not sure if I should add a sitemap or not. The structure of the blog and the various menus should be straight forward, no?
What’s still missing is a comprehensive link collection to various sites of interest or other than software companies, forums, developers, etc. For the scenario designers of my audience and fellow CoSim Kameraden I’ll link your site, your documents in either the acknowledgement section or a general wargaming community link page. Feedback is more than welcome!



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2 responses to “Still tweaking and updating

  1. Stefan

    Am i the first to comment anything here? .. Yes, layout looks clear. A comprehensive link list would be more than welcome. Just put one up and let’s see if someone knows a site you forgot or missed.

    • Decided to put it as posts in ‘Community’. Easy to post and to tag it. Thanks!
      About the ‘Nero Befehl’ suggestion; I’ll try to have a look at the .AI stuff after I’ve done my daily batch of work.