Early rise

Can’t believe it myself, but I am up and already done with my daily workload! As the saying goes – ‘Time and tide waits for no men’. There is a strong need to organize a lift to the nearest supply depot in order to fetch some groceries and other vital supplies. Have been living on home made souvla for the last couple of days and quite frankly grew a bit tired of it.

OK. Well, here’s a snapshot I just took from the CP towards the sea (Yes, you can see the sea…).



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3 responses to “Early rise

  1. Right, then! Just have to ask: What’s ‘Souvla’, pray tell!
    If it’s interesting enough, email me the ingredients, eh?


    • I made a little mistake, souvlaki is closer to what I am actually preparing. Due to the lack of a charcoal BBQ grill I prepare it in the oven; I’ll take a picture of the result later on. Again, I bought pork and well, souvlaki it’ll be in 30 min.

      A good link to various souvlaki recipes.

  2. Good enough! Thanks for the url, eh?