about what you can expect next. This was one of the 1st conflict similations I ever played back in my teens. We’re talking about the mid-80s. The title of this game I am looking for (I know it, of course). Let’s see if the grognards of you remember this jewel. Don’t be shy and post your replies, guesses, etc. 😉

So, got an idea? Tomorrow I shall reveal it and post an exclusive, yes, exclusive retro AAR of this baby, from the Oberst himself!



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  1. ‘Battle over Britain’, or something similar (Sealion)…..

  2. OK. I’ll give you Anglo-Saxon cousins across the pond 4-5 more hours. It’s already 0211A here. Unlce Larry might know. Like I said, this game was the 1st CoSim I had on the C=64. One more hint: One of the programer’s last names is a kind of a fish you find in a creek, river… a rainbow ****. That’s more than enough. OK, off I go.