Setup and first observations

Yes, I am not giving it away yet. I haven’t received a reply regarding my trivia question. OK, let’s start with the first steps and maybe you’re able to guess what game I am actually playing. Let’s have a look at the main screen, the reports and general orders first:

It’s midnight and that’s where you, as C-in-C, review the status, have a look at the weather conditions, assign the general strategy for your subordinates and redeploy the AA/Flak of various locations.

Here we have an overview of all our perational, total and lost planes. On the bottom are the stats what our pilots ‘think’ how many enemy planes they have shot down or destroyed on the ground. Take those information with a pinch of salt.

As you can see, the weather is basically cr*p in Germany, the Benelux, Northern France and – where our airfields are. Heavy overcast and dangerous winds – not ideal flying conditions. No need to send the flyboys out and risk crash landings while taking off or returning from their targets (if they make it!). C stand for clounds, W for wind, but you might have guessed that already. Note: Due to the lack of weather stations in Britain (ours!), the meteorologists only can give us a general idea about how the weather might be across the channel. The forecast looks a bit better – in the next 24 hours the weather will clear up. We keep the weather report in mind when issuing orders to our subordinates.

Here we issue orders to our subordinates, in this case Luftflotte 5, stationed in Norway. As you can see, this is a small outfit (bottom right), but we’re in command and we’ll have to perform our duties (Luftflotte 2 and 3 I assigned to Commander Elmer). You see a list for priority (replacements, new pilots, etc.), misisons and activity. Because the weather is cr*ap, we’ll give the boys a rest and let the mechanics make sure the planes are in mint conditon when we’re about to strike England. In the target list you see the points you get for each category. As back then, smashing the RAF airfields, radar stations, sea lanes and ports are the top priority to make sure Operation Sealion will succeed.

OK, time to take care of our defences on the ground. Flak are basically the heavy calibres simulated here. We have a certain reserve and can shift them from one to another location as long as we have Supply points available. It’s basically what you’d need to shift them around, e.g. personal, railway stock, setting them up and so on. So, keep that in mind! I decided to shift a few batteries towards Kiel and near some sea lanes. That’s what Bomber Command attacked historically, so I am going to be prepared.

To be continued…


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