Luftflotte 5 is ready

I am still waiting for replies about the name of the game I am playing for this AAR. So, hurry up!

OK. No it’s getting serious. The weather was still not favourable for my undertaking, but now it’s time to visit Scapa Flow. The flyboys in the south however were already busy with Dowding’s fighters; notice the dogfight in the screenshot.

In order to be prepared and to gather some intel and pictures of the target area I have assigned one light bomber squadran for recon duties (they’re just taking off). A medium bomber group (see the + on the map) is already on it’s way visiting a radar station in the north to give the operators a scare.

The weather report and the recon results were optimistic, so time to prepare a full scale mission with the units at our disposal. Notice the availble groups and the escorts assigned to the different forming up points.

The flight plan can be adjusted, the availble units, their operational levels reviewed and the orders being given. Always keep the condition of your pilots and crews in mind. Tired or exhausted crews tend to miss their targets, crash while landing or worse!

Our first drop on target as seen in the screenshot. A group of 23 planes made it, 1 was shot down and the drop was a success! Time for the leg home and out of sight of enemy fighter opposition.

After repeating the same missio a day after our groups were able to bring more than 200 sorties over target and dropped a bombload of 424 tons on the port facilities. According to the last recon report, the port is heavily damaged (see the violett condition indicator).

To be continued…



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3 responses to “Luftflotte 5 is ready

  1. Yeah, i’m always in for some retro computing.. While you were playing this game back in the 80ies i was still playing Lego. So i can’t tell much.. Maybe Lzard, he’s in that age..

  2. This one is a classic… I shall reveal it on Friday latest. I thought a retro AAR would be interesting. Other AArs are available plenty.

  3. Sorry, not me! I was spending all my money as a medieval anachronist and on miniatures….

    So it goes, eh?