And the name of the game is…

That’s right folks and… I am surprised I haven’t received an answer. Maybe the classic SSG range wasn’t popular across the pond? I remember spending hours creating ‘What-if’ versions of the available scenarios or typing in the MTO scenario from the design manual! Back in those days there were limitations, naturally. E.g. 255 availble slots for all fighter squadrons or Gruppen – 7,905 aircrafts participating in total. There was a free slot in the ‘Piercing the Reich’ scenario, which I used to create an operational Me-262A squadron in February ’44 🙂 Overall, this game, plus the scenario editor, were ahead of their time and I still ejoy playing this game using an emulator. Thumbs up SSG!



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2 responses to “And the name of the game is…

  1. Tom O'Carroll

    You can STILL play that on an emulator?…I have about 10 “old” games that wont run on Windows 7. I should look into how you do that.

  2. Apple ][ or C=64 emulator and the available ROM, sure. 🙂