What next?

I decided to complete a small scale scenario for TOAW, called ‘State Farm 79′. I’ll post it in the upcoming days. Afterwards I’ll continue working on a larger scale scenario that deals with the battles at the Chir in the first two weeks in December 1942. The title: ’48th Panzer Korps’. For those of you who’re boadgamers, you’ll notice that it has the same title and it’ll be based on the boardgame as such, too. A preview of ‘State Farm 79’ is already present – I used of for the header and background of my blog.

Talking about scenarios and blogs… Make sure to check out Telumar’s page about the upcoming release of his ‘Nijmegen ’44’ scenario for TOAW, his plans for yet another TOAW scenario taking place in the Mediterranean (He already created Anzio ’44 for a 1km/hex and 2km/hex scale). Here’s the direct link to Telu’s place called ‘The TOAW Beachhead‘.



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4 responses to “What next?

  1. Tom O'Carroll

    Wasn’t that the engagement that S&T magazine worked up a scenario for that evolved into Avalon Hill’s Panzerblitz? I have an original copy of the game (Glossy black & red counter backs)!

  2. Looking forward to the 48th Panzer Korps scenario. There can never be enough Ostfront scenarios… Thanks for linking the TOAW beachhead, btw.

    • In fact, there are far too many! 🙂 Keep on developing your Telumar battle system. It reaminds me about Battlefront from SSG, the scale (Battalion size unites, etc.). Unfortunately they missed the opportunity to provide a bunch of scenarios. For their ‘old’ 80s developed system they had 50+ scenarios. We’ll see how my 48PK will develop.