‘XLVIII.Pz Korps – Battles along the Chir’ scenario soon to be released!

A sneak preview of the map, showing the Chir and the Don river in the TOAW III Map Editor. The scenario and follow ups will cover all the action and bitter fighting that took place in December ’42, including the famous battle at Kolhov 79! OOB includes German Alarmeinheiten (ad-hoc units), Luftwaffe Field units, Soviet Guard Tank and Rifle Corps and of course the 11. Panzer Division; down to every battalion and Kampfgruppe of the Wehrmacht and Regiment/Half-Brigades of Stalin’s Red Army. More updates and screenshots will follow shortly…



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4 responses to “‘XLVIII.Pz Korps – Battles along the Chir’ scenario soon to be released!

  1. Gruestig Col. Klink

    I’m one of the admins of the Rugged Defense site and just found your blog. Very interesting stuff.

    Are you developing your scenarios for version 3.4 ?

    • Yes, for 3.4. I am still fiddling around with the composition of the German Alarmbattalione and so on. I reather spend a week more on OOB research and tweaking. The scenario as such is going to be interesting and quite flexible.

  2. Tom O'Carroll

    Looks great! Ireally enjoyed the SF79 scenario…lots of action, and a small enough scale to keep an eye on each unit. It really helps with supply, recovering combat power, and seeing just how fit a unit is to engage in combat. I’m still having a blast with it.