Yes, I am still there… work in progress

You might have wondered, or maybe not, why I haven’t been able to update my blog or to keep you, my fellow readers updated about the latest developments. There’s nothing really to report. The weather has been really nasty since Friday, heavy storms, severe thunderstorms and rain showers are sweeping across the island. The last few nights I haven’t had much sleep because I am ‘bsessed’ in finishing the 48PK scenario. Nearly there, nearly there. Have a look at the screenshots below.

    Ready to counter any local Soviet blow; Panzer Kompanie Kamfgruppe ‘Abendrot’.

    Leading the main thrust to cut and encircle the Germans at the Chir bend – 1st Tank Coprs of the 5th Tank Army awaiting your order.

Stay tuned for more updates and the nearest release date of the Beta version.


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