Playtesters wanted for 48.Pz.Korps!

Playtesters wanted for 48.Pz.Korps!.

I already received feedback and applied some minor changes but important changes:

a) Replaced all HMG teams with MMG teams.The only heavy calibre MG was the M2 Browning .50 cal. So, bye-bye!
b) Changed the probability of the 4th and 40th Guards Rifle switching into Garrison mode to 66%.
c) Replaced the BA-10 and BA-64 armored cars of the Guards Cavalry Regiments (I had to split up the Division’s recon battalion…) to T-70 tanks to show, that the Guards were in general (sometimes only in theory…) better equipped.

A big thank you to Kamerad Ogar for making me aware of it!

I have done some intensive play testing, both playing the Soviet as well as the German side and Elmer versus Elmer. It might look easy for the Soviets to dislodge the Germans initially, but even an Elmer controlled 11.Pz.Div will give you a bloody nose!

So far I want to thank Telumar (the master), Prussian Tom (my fellow PBEM mate) and Ogar (for giving me a detailed report). Keep the feedback comming lads (and lassies…)!

An updated version of 48PK I posted at the Matrixgames forum (link above).



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2 responses to “Playtesters wanted for 48.Pz.Korps!

  1. Prussian Tom

    Fascinating scenario! I played a couple of games as the Germans, then had a shot or two as the Russians. I did this without peeking at the PO for either side. I love the way that you have simulated the superior Germand Control. Watching small German units chew up larger Russian units made me think that the Germans had an edge in Proficiency, Readiness, and supply (particularly the regular German motorized Panzer/Panzergrenader troops vs the (non Guards) Russians. The German regulars are some kind of tough, but they really have to maximize their supply, as well as C&C: quite a taks. (I got chewed up and spit out by the Reds several times). Then I took the Russians, and was impressed how the Germans seemed to RETREAT in a more orderly fashion than the Russians, who were on the offensive! I do not understand how to program the PO, but the Red army (under PO control), seemed to become more dispersed, even after sucessful attacks. The regular German Motorized & Armor units also appear not only to maintain more cohesion during a retreat, but appear to recover more quickly than non-Guards Russian units.

    There is not a lot of room for sloppy logistics when playing the Germans…I was forced to try to surround and destroy the Russians, targeting the Armor and Infantry, while using a LOT more caution with the Russian Armoured Infantry. It helped a lot to munch on HQ’s wherever possible.

    Since I do not know how to set up “Elmer”, I was amazed at how both sides seem to fit naturally into thier respective historical roles. Both sides have lattitude, but the Soviets have got to maintain a cohesive advance (the PO seems to want to break off the advance to eat weakened German units, while the Whermacht has to exhort his troops to produce at 110% of thier capacity, and make sure they maintain supply, proficiency, and readiness.

    The scenario is fun to play as either side, and VERY instructive, when playing against the PO. Both sides appear to have thier historical strengths and weaknesses…it REALLY helps to know what Balack actually did in the actual battle; the same goes for the Russian commander. I am willing to bet that PBEM gives the respective commanders a LOT more lattitude, but I suspect the players still have to be aware of the respective Army’s historical strengths and weaknesses. It really is hard to watch the Germans get hit at the start, retreatibng, and waiting untill the get 11th Panzer’s units, starting on turn 5. The Reds have to make a lot of hay while the sun is still shining, and keep thier troops concentrated. This scenario is well worth the price of admission, both challanging AND fun, for both sides. I would love to know how you gents do such a good job of setting up the PO. Battles On The Chir really rocks! (Note…in the historical document provided, I noticed that the American who wrote the paper titled the German Panzer Corps XXXXVIII, as opposed to XLVIII. Thanks for all the hard work…it is fun, demanding for both sides (at least in my case), and a size that can be managed without taking a week to figure out each move (like some of the “1:1 scale” East Front scenarios…fun to play, but very time consuming). 48th Panzer makes me think of the old SPI (boardgame) Gazala scenario (from 4 battles in North Afrika). Lots of fun, and it translates very well into a computer simulation. 5 Stars!

  2. Prussian Tom

    OK…..I won as the Germans, against the PO. Somehow I don’t think a PBEM Soviet would be quite as gullible as Elmer. Obviously Stalin is on the phone, telling the Soviet PO to shoot anyone who fails to press home the attack, regardless of logistics. I STILL think this should be in the “Tutorials” section…both sides have to really milk all the fight out of each unit.
    One question…did vonLuck have his fingers somewhere in this particular pie? I read his memoirs awile back, and believe he commented extensively on Balack & 11th Panzer, but can’t remember if he was there, and if so, what his role’ was.
    I had to wait until the Red Army overextended itself, and then surround them. As I’m a greenhorn, I had to disengage some of the “scratch” units, and use them to help complete the encirclement…it seems that there is some kind of major penalty for getting caught in the middle of a cauldron and then attacked on all sides 😉 ! As Homer Simpson would say, “Duh-oh!”
    It took me about as long as it would have taken Homer to best the PO, but I’m a slow learner. The scenario, however, is an awsome teaching tool!