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The Oberst is back

After more than two weeks I am finally back and would like to present you (feedback please!) my latest project. In fact, it is going to be a mega time consuming project and I haven’t done one that scale before. My plan is to provide all new TOAW gamers with a ‘visualized’ tutorial… I am not sure what the best approach might be, but I plan to create aseries of tutorial scenarios AND explain all the major mechanics of the game as well as the use of ALL (or at least most) unit types. The focus of the first scenario is on supply, ZOC, basic engineering and of course the attack planer. I took the freedom and modeled my map (hex/2.5km) arund the Decisive Battles tutiorial. I personally find it perfectly suited for the tasks that lay ahead…



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Fallschirmjäger über Tersefanou!

Again I am in the middle of it and a steady flow of paras dropped within 3 hours just towards the PGA golf course in Tersefanou, Cyprus! A single C-130 (presumably RAF or Greek AF) dropped the troopers in sticks of 8-12… The plane made three separate ‘runs’ and I according to my observations must have dropped at least three to four companies – make it a full battalion!

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