Feedback needed…

Some of you already know I am planning a series of tutorials including a step-by-step introduction to certain key elements of TOAW. I wonder what kind of tutorial would be the most feasible. A series of screenshots with speech bubbles perhaps?



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  1. "Prussian" Tom O'Carroll

    Actually, Herr Oberst, what you suggest sounds not only doable, but a change of pace from the (excellent) how-to’s put in the Matrix Forums by Bob Cross and Larry Fulkerson. Thier tutorialls are great, but long (as are the scenarios they cover). I think the format you suggest makes for a more digestable, “byte-sized” tutorial. As an added plus, you don’t have to go to the next picture to recieve enemy feedback. I think it has great potential, both doable, and easliy digested by novices (like me).

  2. As i understand your intention, this tutorial should guide new users through the GUI and the “basic stuff” of the game, right? Then the scenario setup – simplicity, not too complex, slowly starting – might be a better approach than the detailed tutorials with the rather complex scenarios Prussian Tom mentioned. I also like the bubbles. In a perfect world players should be able to use one half of their screen for the game and the other half for the tutorial ( (wildly) assuming that widescreen is the most common format today..)..