TOAW Scenarios, TO&E, OOB and Tutorials

It’s about time that I shook off the idleness and post my two scenarios as well as my idea about a tutorial for TOAW. Regarding the scenarios – feel free to modify them, correct them, distribute them. The only thing I am asking for  is to mention the Oberst and this blog 🙂

Scenarios – 48th Pz Koprs, State Farm 79, Tutorial ’41

Tutorial ’41 .JPG slides

The slides form the Tutorial ’41 Scenario should help to explain the basics of the interface, combat, movement and supply. Feedback is more than appreciated.

Happy gaming!

Klink, Oberst



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7 responses to “TOAW Scenarios, TO&E, OOB and Tutorials

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  2. Raspach

    Is there a way to download this file without having to pay any money to Rapidshare? Thanks

  3. I sent you an e-mail. You don’t need a RS account or paying for it. If it still doesn’t work, I’ll e-mail you the scenarios and the slides.

  4. Raspach

    Thanks I managed to get your charts. Very useful, clear an nicely done, thank you for taking the time to prepare this!
    A couple of additional questions and comments if you don’t mind :
    1. I notice on your screenshots you are able to display the unit panel, the control panel, the unit report in a much larger size than on my computer (my resolution is 1920×1200) so that the information is much easier to read. How did you get that result? Do you need to change screen resolution everytime you play or is a way to increase the size of the various panels?
    2. I see you use the engineers in your example to conduct an attack. I am just wondering how realistic this is and whether when you play a game engineers should be left for specific roles or it does not matter?
    3. Same question for headquarters units, I am wondering how those units should be used during the game and the type of impact their have during an attack?
    4. I have played the Korean scenario and I am sometimes getting confused with respect to the attacks made by the AI and the losses I suffered. Is there an easy way once the AI turn is finished to inspect what has happened exactly?
    5. Last, as a comment, maybe it could be useful you include all your charts in a single PDF doc?

    Again thanks a lot for this useful tutorial

  5. 1. I use a 1440×900 resolution and I use PhotoScape to crop and adjust the resolution of the screenshots
    2. Engineers have an AP value of 5, so in this case they act as Sturmpioniere (Assault Pioneers). Also note they got an attachment of 8 Pzkw II (Flame). Very effective in ‘smoking’ out the enemy squaddies.
    3. I should have added that. HQ units provide a supply bonus up to 50% if your units are adjacent to it. You can see the range of your artillery units and the command range of your HQ if you press (I)nformation.
    4. You’re more than welcome to play a Korea 50-51 PBEM against me. I’ll provide you with screenshots and what I did (you should do).
    5. Optional. I would suggest to use a picture viewer to slide show the individual slides.

  6. Raspach

    Thanks – I would certainly appreciate playing a PBEM Korea game. Let me know how we should get started.

  7. Just have sent you an e-mail about the PBEM.