Sicily to Brenner Pass 43-45 3.0 (Beta) – Update!

For the purpose of beta testing, feedback and so on – ONLY. This is an excellent scenario, originally created by Quisling and tweaked/updated by ‘mike1984’ .  Again, any credit goes to those lads.  I wasn’t involved in creating, tweaking, assisting the scenario creation. So, no Shenanigans 🙂

Here’s the link for Sicily to Brenner Pass 43-45 3.0 (Beta) Revision.

Fix list,  courtesy to Mike –

1. Fixed some railroads, so the Axis player has some capabilities, particularly on the mainland.
2. Removed fixed fortifications. They’re not needed.
3. Flagged the Transport/Disband units as “Do not reconstitute.”
4. Set Re-entry points in Tunisia (Allied) and Brenner Pass (Axis).

Right-click and use ‘Save link as..’;  don’t forget to rename the file extension from .pdf to .zip.


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