Upcoming ‘Schwerpunkt Kharkov’ project

ImageYes my friends, it has been awhile since ye’ole Oberst posted something at the Gefechtsstand. Been around and about and while on pork chop island and the average temperatures reach 35°C (95F) and an unbearable humidity, I decided to finalize the updated version of Kharkov ’43 (5km/1day) and plan for the upcoming monster project I shall call ‘Schwerpunkt Kharkov’ that will cover the battles of ’41, ’42 and the two battles around this important Ukrainian city in ’43. A BIG thank you to Rick who created the map, 2.5km/hex for the whole area! You have to see it to believe it!



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2 responses to “Upcoming ‘Schwerpunkt Kharkov’ project

  1. Looking forward to this! The map looks very good.

    • Hard to believe, but Rick did the map in less than a week’s time! He’s the one who’s responsible for the D21 map and thanks to sPzAbt653 (Steve) I got introduced to him. I would have PayPal’d him a few bob, but instead he was happy to receive postcards from CY and DE. While in Austria I met yet another fellow TOAW gamer in person and we brought up the idea to organize at least a European TOAW meeting.