TOAW III – Why traditional wargames are still popular

My first article published at ‘The Wargamer’; more to follow I hope.



November 16, 2013 · 15:35

3 responses to “TOAW III – Why traditional wargames are still popular

  1. Dave

    Give me a hint – where is the article! 🙂 I agree with the premise but can’t find it on the Wargamer?

    • Dave,
      Just click the linkk; or google for Klink, TOAW III & The Wargamer.

      Klink, Oberst

      • Dave

        Googleing it worked.
        Good, solid and scholastic. Problem is, in my opinion, they are also still popular because there are enough of us who can see the link to the glory days of AH and SPI boardgames and aren’t too lost in the graphics. How long will that continue though?