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How to… – Part 4

Another, alas even more time consuming way to present an AAR is… Make a movie with slides and use the ‘Ken Burns effect‘!

The result below is just a test, a crude one… But it should give you an idea what’s possible in order to create an informative & exciting AAR!

Again, this is just a very crude version.


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How to… – Part 3

You noticed that using screenshots and extracts from the sit-rep file from TOAW can be quite useful for the visualisation of an AAR. There are also tools available from members of the huge TOAW community that do just that. One example is the so called Combat Loss Viewer from L. Fulkerson. It uses the .CSV file from the sit-rep and the result looks like that –

Pretty neat, isn’t it? You can use those visualisations for the major battles or the ones that are important for your AAR.

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How to…

create an After Action Report and what tools are needed?

OK. As promised I will start a series of day by day tutorials about how to create an AAR and a small scenario for TOAW, incl. map making, forces, the lot.

Today we shall have a look what’s needed to create a solid AAR with tools most of you already got. The rest is available as open source; in this particular instance a free photo editing software called Photoscape. I am not a photo editing guru, but I found this piece of software easy to handle and it’s actually the program I used for my famous (infamous?!) Tutorial ’41 slides, too.

Naturally, there is no real guideline about the layout and or the contents in an AAR. Some CoSim enthusiasts are able to write gripping battle reports like some short story or novel! I try to visualise all the necessary information in my screenshots. Let’s pick a small scenario in TOAW in order to show you how I create the screenshots and how I describe the situation and/or the battle reports.

Below the first turn, no movement yet, but an overview of my forces, the situation and my intentions.

You probably already guessed that I used different colours to show the 2 formations at my disposal. Once the 113.Pz.Brigade is out of reorganisation my intention is to establish a line of defence and keep the Yanks in that sector busy. The recon element of the 111.Pz.Brigade races towards Lezey to see what’s in store on the other side. The rest of the Brigade will try to outflank the enemy (wherever he is) and capture one of the supply points.

If you click on the picture it’ll automatically open to full size.

To be continued…

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TOAW OOB, TO&E and Equipment Files

Some goodies for all the scenario designers and TOAW buffs out there. Courtesy to my mate Steve aka sPzAbt653 those files are now available

here. Make sure to rename the .PDF to .ZIP in order to extract the files.  In case you encounter any issues, please drop the Oberst a line.

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Sicily to Brenner Pass 43-45 3.0 (Beta) – Update!

For the purpose of beta testing, feedback and so on – ONLY. This is an excellent scenario, originally created by Quisling and tweaked/updated by ‘mike1984’ .  Again, any credit goes to those lads.  I wasn’t involved in creating, tweaking, assisting the scenario creation. So, no Shenanigans 🙂

Here’s the link for Sicily to Brenner Pass 43-45 3.0 (Beta) Revision.

Fix list,  courtesy to Mike –

1. Fixed some railroads, so the Axis player has some capabilities, particularly on the mainland.
2. Removed fixed fortifications. They’re not needed.
3. Flagged the Transport/Disband units as “Do not reconstitute.”
4. Set Re-entry points in Tunisia (Allied) and Brenner Pass (Axis).

Right-click and use ‘Save link as..’;  don’t forget to rename the file extension from .pdf to .zip.

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Classic (Free) Games

Classic (Free) Games from Matrix Games. A must have! And they’re still being supported by the wargaming community. Thumbs up!

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Matrix Games – Community – Live Chat

sPzAbt653 made me aware of the chat available. A good way for Q&A sessions and general chit chat without installing MSN, AIM, ICQ, etc. And no need to reveal other messenger related nicknames, too.

Matrix Games – Community – Live Chat.

So, see you around!

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