PBEM Status Report

Game Scenario Designer Opponent My Side Turn Result
TOAW Ardennes 1944 Rob Kunz Judykator Allies 21 Playing
TOAW Last Stand in Africa Martin Schenkel Prussian Tom Axis 2 Playing
TOAW Last Stand in Africa Martin Schenkel Barney Allies 4 Playing
TOAW Last Stand in Africa Martin Schenkel MarGol Allies 27 Playing
TOAW Marne 1914 Todd Klemme Brad Germany 5 Playing
TOAW Tannenberg 1914 Todd Klemme Jason Germany 4 Playing
TOAW Operation Exporter Colin Wright Telumar Allies 4 Playing
TOAW From Sicily to Brenner Pass Mike Pettigano Matt Allies 4 Testing

6 responses to “PBEM Status Report

  1. zukov

    hi, it’s nice place! you are playing Ardennes 1944 on Allies side! I’m working on that as well. No breadthrough by Axis for the first 4 turns. Any experience to share?
    I’m very interested in 2nd Battle of Kharkov 1942 as well. I’m ready to play either soviet or Axis side. do you want to have a PBEM with me on that?

    • Regarding the Ardennes… It depends on your opponent. As German player I’d shift the II. SS Pz Korps’ two SS Pz Div (scheduled for replacements in the North) to south of St. Vith and drive towards Luxembourg or aid the other troops towards Bastogne. North of the Ambleve river it’s a stalemate anyway. As for the Allies – Interdiction, Interdiction, Interdiction. In most cases the tide will turn in favour for the Allies, like it did historically. Again, all depends how aggressive you opponent is.

      Let’s finish Sealion first, I still might have a surprise for you. It’s good to see how to prepare a full scale evacuation as well.

  2. Brad

    How many games you got going Oberst? You pretty active with this stuff? I can’t handle more than 3.

  3. Nice Blog, following and I am also following your Sicily to Brenner Pass on Matrix (Cantona2 there). STBP was on o my favourite TAOW scenarios and I do hope someone fixed the MR’s of units as it was a scenario breaker when I PBEMed it a long time ago.

    I have my own blog at http://bytesanddice.wordpress.com/, please go take a look, hope you all like what you see

    I am also going to add your blog to my blogroll if thats OK with you Oberst

  4. Hopefully everyone will see the status of an Eastern Front 1915 game listed soon. We’re still working on converting the scenario to half-week turns.

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